Battle of the Bands: Epilogue

In the wake of the epochal Battle of the Bands…

It’s amazing how many people think the best way to express Frodo/Harry Potter/Anakin Skywalker’s deep inner depths is to crank the Linkin Park. YouTube is positively choked with fan videos that use “In the End” or “Crawling.”


What’s the connection? Hmmm…

LINKIN PARK: Enjoy creative misspellings (Linkin, “Pts.of.Athrty”)
FANS: Enjoy creative misspellings (kewl, pwned, liek, lotrips, etc, etc, etc)

LP: Hang out with DJ Green Lantern
FANS: Wish they could hang out with The Green Lantern

LP: Wore the same clothes two days in a row while filming concert DVD “Live in Texas”
FANS: Wear the same clothes two days in a row at cons

LP: Named a remix album “Reanimation”
FANS: Fave jerkoff material is the nude scene from “Reanimator”

LP: Have no clue how ridiculous they are

Gosh, they DO have a lot in common!

Keep those cartoon legs crossed!

Who’s the bigger ho?

Paris Hilton…


Or Fullmetal Alchemist character Winry Rockbell?

The verdict is in!

“Winry: what’s with the tube top? you should know that a lot of my friends are calling you a slut” —

“Winry is pretty hawt…First she has the sweet ear-piercings and always shows lots of skin…Has the tight black tube-shirt on most times and whose hawtter bending down in her Daisey-Duke cut-off shorts” — AnimeSuki forums

“Winry looks like a slut” — AnimeNuke forums

A dissenting view:

“Her clothes aren’t showy. When she’s at home, she dresses in a tubetop because regular shirts could get in her way in her line of work. Not to mention it’s hot out in the country side and mechanics is hard work. And the pants that she wears is a jumpsuit and that is far from showy.” ––

Just so that’s cleared up.