Keep those cartoon legs crossed!

Who’s the bigger ho?

Paris Hilton…


Or Fullmetal Alchemist character Winry Rockbell?

The verdict is in!

“Winry: what’s with the tube top? you should know that a lot of my friends are calling you a slut” —

“Winry is pretty hawt…First she has the sweet ear-piercings and always shows lots of skin…Has the tight black tube-shirt on most times and whose hawtter bending down in her Daisey-Duke cut-off shorts” — AnimeSuki forums

“Winry looks like a slut” — AnimeNuke forums

A dissenting view:

“Her clothes aren’t showy. When she’s at home, she dresses in a tubetop because regular shirts could get in her way in her line of work. Not to mention it’s hot out in the country side and mechanics is hard work. And the pants that she wears is a jumpsuit and that is far from showy.” ––

Just so that’s cleared up.



  1. ???

  2. The answer lies within another question? Who’s got a sex tape? ;]

    Paris Hilton is one of those people who just needs to be shot for being such a talentless slut who is only famous for being a completely stupid whore anyway.

    Winry is a mechanic and wears a tube top (Yes i know it’s hawt ;D) because all that manual work will definately work up a sweat. Unfortunately there’s no sign of a Winry sex tape (Trust me i’ve been trying to find a Winry hentai video for a while now)

    I think I’VE cleared things up a bit =]

    Now point me in the direction of the next pointless discussion with a simple answer so I can put an end to it.

  3. Winry would never do hentai. Actually I have trouble picturing Winry having sex, period.


    No, I don’t.

  4. uhh..Winry’s really hot. First off, she has that boob tube top thing and sweet ear piercings, and hair….also when she’s not in tht outfit, shes in a tight tank and a MINISKIRT!

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