Celebrity gossip site dishes on Megatron

megatron-transformers-1The Superficial is a celebrity gossip site covering the likes of K-Fed, Jared Leto … and now Megatron. “Megatron gets ass raped,” the site declared Friday over a giant pic. “[This item is] not really celebrity related, but what did those bastards do to Megatron?”

The site’s stable of commenters weighed in with their own objections, noting, “Michael Bay is a tard,” “That’s Darth Vader’s fuckdoll” and “It’s the Super Shredder from TMNT2… not Megatron.”

I guess there isn’t such a hard-and-fast line between geek news and gossip as some people would like to believe. “Some people” being the management at Reddit, who have a whole separate site, Lipstick, for the sorts of things the ladies are interested in. Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian describes Lipstick as “a bit of a guilty pleasure for us – it’s like braincandy.” As opposed to Reddit, where all topics are crucially important and mind-bendingly complex.

But getting back to Megatron, here’s more from The Superficial:

“Megatron’s maw looks like a metallic, puckered butthole”

“It’s Lindsay Lohans who ha”

“If Megatron isn’t a celebrity in this day and age I don’t want to live anymore. That being said, that is the stuff of nightmares and German industrial singer jizz”

For more Megatron comments, see this post at I Watch Stuff.

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Stargate wasn’t all that

Sg1-posterIn memoriam.

Stodge.org: “How did RDA’s character get to be a colonel despite being a figeting bafoon?[sic] Dean Stockwell was better in ‘Quantum Leap.'”

Jump the Shark:total merde and unwatchable” … “tired boring scripts that spout thinly veiled liberal politics [and] talentless actors that should be working for Taco Bell” … “Farscape-like drek of one-liners and yawntastic plots.”

Usenet guy:Lamest aliens ever. Old Dr. Who episodes had better production.”
Other usenet guy: Fuck you! At least they don’t wear tacky unitards!

Blogger Kelli McBride:I miss Jack O’Neill … and not just because he’s a smorgasboard of sexy hunkdom.”

Ziggeraut of Doom: “It’s basically just “SlidersTrekScape.

TVgasm Forums member: “Last line of the episode: ‘I just think we need a new plan. A damn good one.’ Then worried glances between every frickin’ actor the likes of which we haven’t seen since SNL’s Besos y Lagrimas skit. Barf!”

Not really worth linking to, but a MillenniumFalcon.com forum user sez, “Stargate sucks ass!! anyone who likes it is a major superfriend.” Is “superfriend” an insult now? Cause I like it!

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