Stargate wasn’t all that

Sg1-posterIn memoriam. “How did RDA’s character get to be a colonel despite being a figeting bafoon?[sic] Dean Stockwell was better in ‘Quantum Leap.'”

Jump the Shark:total merde and unwatchable” … “tired boring scripts that spout thinly veiled liberal politics [and] talentless actors that should be working for Taco Bell” … “Farscape-like drek of one-liners and yawntastic plots.”

Usenet guy:Lamest aliens ever. Old Dr. Who episodes had better production.”
Other usenet guy: Fuck you! At least they don’t wear tacky unitards!

Blogger Kelli McBride:I miss Jack O’Neill … and not just because he’s a smorgasboard of sexy hunkdom.”

Ziggeraut of Doom: “It’s basically just “SlidersTrekScape.

TVgasm Forums member: “Last line of the episode: ‘I just think we need a new plan. A damn good one.’ Then worried glances between every frickin’ actor the likes of which we haven’t seen since SNL’s Besos y Lagrimas skit. Barf!”

Not really worth linking to, but a forum user sez, “Stargate sucks ass!! anyone who likes it is a major superfriend.” Is “superfriend” an insult now? Cause I like it!

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  1. Hey Tuffy (This is The Hermit from the Ziggurat of Doom),
    I tried to access your profile, but I think the link is trying to go the the backend of WP. Can you drop me an email at drobviousso-at-gmail-dot-com?


  2. Other reasons it jumped the shark:

    1. Overuse of the portal thingie

    2. Every alien planet has pine trees that look exactly like Earth

    3. That alien with the shave head reminds me too much of Mr. Clean

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