Jesus: Battlestar ain’t no Firefly

jesusJesus Christ has a lot on His mind lately, what with the Mexican election, Katherine Harris and His blog. But He still finds time to Tivo. A couple months back, when presenting the Jesus Christ TV Awards, He contentiously declared Battlestar Galactica to be “Science Fiction Taking A Step Backward From Firefly.”

Needless to say, that judgment would raise hackles even if it didn’t come from the Most High. I emailed Him and asked for an elucidation of His views, and — Praise the Lord! — He took time to write back.

Dear Lord, thanks for taking my questions. In Your eyes, what’s wrong with BG?

Before I ruffle your feathers all up, let Me start by saying I absolutely love Battlestar Galactica. I totally think it’s a wonderful show. However, it’s no Firefly. That show had it going on!!! It took all the Star Trek/Star Wars clichés and messed ’em all up.

What’s the connection between Firefly, Star Wars and Star Trek?

Everything Lucas did wrong in the last 3 Star Wars films, Firefly did right. Firefly made sci-fi hip again, leaving just enough genre cheese to keep one foot firmly in the “space serial” canon, but with that foot firmly planted in whatever-it-was that made Han Solo so cool. What Lord Of The Rings did with fantasy, Firefly could have done with science fiction. Granted, it didn’t… and being God, I know why: Fox didn’t have faith in it and the movie sucked.

Do You think BG is too old-fashioned?

Battlestar Galactica is a great show, but it will only win over fans who already love good science fiction. It’s always felt stiff and serious and important, which they really do well… but that’s what people expect from sci-fi, and that’s why I say it’s a step backwards from Firefly.

Thanks for Your thoughts! Anything else to add?

Believe in Me or go to Hell.


P.S. Not God, but close: Joss Whedon on BG (link via Windy City Mike.)

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  1. Meh. Not that funny. And also: Jesus is wrong, Firefly isn’t as good as BSG.

  2. jesus is never wrong. and he doesn’t like humourless sci-fi dorks. jesus rules!

  3. Funny!
    I lobe BSG but even I have trouble with its seriousness sometimes.
    On the other hand LOTRs has its poofaced moments!
    See your point not sure if I am convinced!

  4. Isn’t this just another piece of Christian Fanfic?

  5. Jesus does rule, but he also loves humourless sci-fi dorks!

  6. Good point! And LOTR did indeed have its poofaced moments.

    On another note:

    “Isn’t this just another piece of Christian Fanfic?”

    Jesus: The ultimate Mary Sue

  7. Galactica (reimaged) and Firefly are my two favorite sci-fi series, but for completely different reasons… Both are intelligent, but Galactica’s strength is that it’s believable (usually), dramatic, complex, gripping, has in-depth characters, and provides insightful and often controversial commentary on current events.

    Firefly was the opposite. It had a silly and unbelievable premise and absurd plots. But its environment was captivating and the humorous and witty dialog, characters, and situations were too much fun. It captured the best carefree elements of the original Star Wars movies and can be best summed up as “The Adventures of Han Solo and friends” set to a western motif.

    Too bad George Lucas didn’t hire Joss Whedon to help with the stories, characters, scripts, and casting for the recent Star Wars movies.

  8. Neither Firefly or BSG would be possible without the best science-fiction show ever FARSCAPE!

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