Project Runway: Geekier Than You’d Imagine

As it clomps down to the wire, it’s becoming clear that there’s a diabolical link between Bravo’s Project Runway and fandom.

First there were the sleeves on designer Vincent’s pageant gown, which prompted guiding force Tim Gunn to say, “These ridiculous epaulette sleeves, talk about ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’! I mean, where were they going, to Judy Jetson’s birthday party?”

Then Phaolo of Project Yawnur compared the four designers remaining in the contest to the Fantastic Four.


The Invisible Woman was Uli, who “went unnoticed for most of the season.” Jeffrey was The Thing because he “doesn’t care who he steamrolls over.” Laura was “Stretch” (I think he means Ms. Fantastic) because of her uniquely mobile facial expressions. Michael was the Human Torch because he’s … uh… hot and stuff. (3 out of 4 ain’t bad.)

Then the most recent episode prompted recapper Rich of fourfour to compare one designer to Gollum:

“Angela thinks fleurchons are preshhhhhhusssssss”

As well as comparing host Heidi Klum’s hair to the work of H.R. Giger.

Finally, a fourfour commenter posited a link between designer Jefferey’s neck tattoos and Trek:

“Don’t you think Jeffrey’s neck is channeling a member of the Cardassian empire? Gul-lejerk maybe? “

He even linked to that geekiest of sites, Star Trek Gaming Universe!

You know what this means? It’s only a matter of time before Peter Jackson and David Tennant start turning up on the cover of Vogue. In costume. (Jackson will simply choose a costume.)



  1. I’ll rest assured in my non-geekiness that I didn’t even get all those references! 🙂 (Cardassian what?) I totally now think Tim Gunn is a closet nerd, though. Awesome.

  2. Maybe Tim was a nerd in high school. That would be so great! He wouldn’t be the first of these supercool types to overcompensate.

  3. That’s genius! Thank God you’re keeping an eye out on this stuff. I sensed a tremor in the Force that was linking all these things together (like duct tape does…) but hadn’t made the connection until now. Very nice!

  4. Speaking of links, was that a deliberate reference to the…

    DUCT TAPE PROM DRESS???? /contests/prom/yearbook_2006/default.asp

  5. that green dress looks like someone forgot to tuck in the thingies you’re supposed to use to keep it on the hanger.

  6. Thanks for the link… I don’t know much about fandom, but that’s hilarious.

    And Michael is the torch because um yea, he’s hot…and stuff 😉

  7. I’m telling ya, Tiff, you don’t NEED to know about fandom these days. I just saw a reference to Gollum in a gossip post about Janet Jackson.

    RE green thingies, BD, they don’t even sit right on her shoulders! The right one is all sagged over and sad. Judy Jetson would never let that shit fly.

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