Say it ain’t so, Spot

Ever since my post Furries in Space, I’ve been plagued by the nagging fear that not only was my attack on furries hackneyed, but that any sort of furry japery has become irrevocably passé. God, I hope that’s not true.


Writing it, I was a little concerned that the 2001 Vanity Fair article had marked the high point in furry mockery, kind of like how Esquire’s 1997 “Cocktail Culture” cover story marked the end of cocktail culture. But I figured I’d go ahead and indulge. I didn’t know then that the guys in Something Awful‘s forums already had a long history of recreational anti-furry-ism.

Now I’m not sure whether I’ll ever feel comfortable mocking furries again. This is a terrible moment for me. How will I ever recover? Maybe with this. (NSFW) I like how the poster made sure to give it a ‘zoom’ feature. Also, is that really how you wear a cock ring? I don’t think that’s right.

Oh, and yeah, this post is partly an excuse to show the deformed plushie up there. It’s an “Aminal” by artist Catharine Lyons, who’s showing through Oct. 22 at Max Fish gallery in NYC. Thanks to Cityrag for the link.



  1. I…realize that cock ring looks a bit odd (as opposed to the rest of that picture); but perhaps it’s Different For Giraffes.

  2. …the Furry Concentration Camp?!?

  3. Yeah, that’s when “so wrong it’s funny” crosses over to just plain wrong. I don’t think I’ll be visiting the Something Awful forums anytime soon.

    RE the cock ring, though, I guess on second thought its weirdness takes second place to the giraffe’s vile purple lizard tongue. And that’s supposed to be sexy? Oh, wait…

  4. Thanks for reading!

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