Furries are artsy

Aha! A-HAAAA! So you people (in my head) had me thinking furries were passé and thus no longer mockable, but NOT HARDLY! In fact, furriness has entered the avant-garde mainstream. Make that fur, as in Fur, the new Diane Arbus biopic.

So nyah, all you “too mature to mock ludicrous fetishes” types. Now that it’s timely, I will laugh at them constantly. Check this out! (NSFW) HA! And this! (also NSFW) Hahahahaha! Furries are STUPID, get it?

And from the looks of it, so is the movie.

Here’s another couple of “Aminals” by artist Catharine Lyons.


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  1. Okay……. Okaaaaaayyy….

    I didn’t need to see that. Furries scare me.

  2. Yeah, perhaps in addition to saying those pix were NSFW, I should have mentioned that they were, you know, repulsive abominations and stuff.

  3. It’s true that a large chunk of the furry fandom consists of adult-related anthropomorphic art, more popularly known as “yiff,” but it doesn’t necessarily speak for the fandom itself. In every fandom, group, club, and society, there is a devious bunch that give a bad name to the rest of that specific group. For instance, the population of those who enjoy role-playing Star Wars characters as a sexual fetish or turn-on don’t even compare to the number of Star Wars fans, in its entirety. So is it really right to say that those who find a certain thing sexually arousing makes the entire group “stupid”? To me, it seems rather immature to discriminate against anyone’s fandoms, groups, et cetera, no matter how “disgusting” it may sound to an individual personally. Unless the sexual act being performed/depicted is unlawful and unjust (such as performing sexual acts with the underaged), those who enjoy it should be left alone and should be able to face no discrimination or persecution for enjoying their life in a legal way. If it makes them happy, it makes them happy. Life is about searching for happiness, and each individual takes a different path to finding it.

  4. well, yes.

    fortunately or unfortunately, some peoples’ path to happiness consists of joyous mockery of their/our fellow critters.

    life’s rich tapestry.

    i am furry-neutral, at least in theory. generally i’m awfully picky about my role-playing/theatre/what have you, though….especially when it comes to the erotic.

    that one pic, though…is that a toucan?

    somehow i had never thought of a toucan fetish before, but am now totally enchanted by the idea.

  5. ..okay, this is fascinating. “anti-furries” have their own wiki entry? they are known as “mundanes” by furries?…

    you know, it suddenly occurs to me, uncomfortably, that it’s quite quite possible that many outsiders look on the Eternal Sex Thrash and Other Internecine Feminist Wars with -exactly- the same sort of mild incredulity and anthropological curiousity as i’m giving this…


  7. WTF is wrong with people theses days. NOT EVERY ONE THAT IS A FURRIE IS A SEX CRASED LUNITIC!

    Who ever thinks that all furs are into “Yiff” where not!


  8. well, thank you; that’s a relief. i mean, people who dress up in animal costumes are one thing; people who dress up in animal costumes and are -sex-crazed,- well, THAT’S VERY DIFFERENT FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

    is “Dikes” a signature or some sort of comment?

    are there beaver Furries? speaking of dikes? and dams?

  9. I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to figure out how to respond to these pro-fur comments. Basically I hear what you’re saying, but I still don’t want to stop making fun of furries (“yiff” or no). That is because I am a small, sad person.

    I will say this: There are a lot of things more ridiculous than furries. Such as:

    1) Self-made eunuchs (www.eunuch.org)
    2) This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhBSpzK203Q
    3) PUMP WEEKEND (http://www.gmueller.net/cpumper1/pumpconv.htm)
    4) Cool-o-phrenia: http://tinyurl.com/y6p3fm
    5) um…

  10. Yeah… um… Ewwwwwwwww. Didn’t need to click on the links or watch the video. All I had to do was read teh urls…

    I like to think of it this way: we’re the only ones bold enought to draw pictures of the stuff we do 😄

  11. I have a little sexy furry friend. How can I get her to put out? (Preferably, without her biting me.)

  12. Does this post serve any other purpose than just random propaganda against furries? By the second time you ‘haa-ed’, I felt the need to rip out the wires of my speakers.

    And of course, there was no audio.

  13. No audio? There’s audio. “Ladies and gentleman, observe the leopard…”

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