Buck Rogers Space Gun Solution

Nice work, Omega Man X! The guns in the Buck Rogers space gun contest were indeed from…


1) Battlestar, 2) Dr. Who, 3) Blake’s 7 and 4) Buck Rogers. Most worthy of scrutiny is the Blake’s 7 gun, which a fan hand-made with what was clearly way too much effort. “The clear ribbed section was a nightmare,” he writes. “I resorted to carving each ring by hand from a perspex sheet. It took about a day per ring!”

Good grief. For a better use of time, jump on the ole “toys were better in the olden days” bandwagon and enjoy these pix of 1940s Buck Rogers stuff. (Or, for space guns of every variety, go here. )


More guns after the jump.




  1. Wow! Those gun bring back memories. But one memory that really sticks out is my mother, brother and I were having Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s fiancé daughter’s house. Being bored kids, as kids usually are at these family events, we both decided to head outside and explore. During our exploration I found an old laser pistol similar to the one’s in your first pic just a slimmer bulbous body. Most of the paint had worn away and it was definitely not made of aluminum, and had a movable trigger. It was heavy and very solid piece of craftsmanship. And of course being kids we took it home and I don’t recall what ever happened to after we moved. Damn shame cause it may of been a collectors item today. Oh yeah, awesome site! Thanks for the flashbacks!

  2. Great story. I think that’s the main way contemporary toys fall short of vintage ones: they don’t give you the satisfaction of hefting a hunk of metal. Those guns in the first pic look kind of flimsy — it’s neat to learn that they’re actually heavy and solid.

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