K-Fed equals Vogon poetry

hitchhikersWhile reviewing a highly amusing page of Amazon tags for Kevin Federline’s album (examples: “douche,” “rich wife,” “music to make you long for the sweet release of death”), I discovered that not one, not two but six users tagged it “aka Vogon poetry.” As in Vogons, the baddies in Douglas Adams’ (R.I.P.) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Not bad considering only four users tagged the album “wannabe” and the supremely apt “douche” was selected by a mere one.

But Brit’s ex aside, there are plenty of Amazon products that merit this excellent tag. Not to mention that using it a lot creates a nice ad hoc Adams tribute. I just tagged Diddy’s Press Play, Lady Sovereign’s Public Warning and the Rembrandts’ greatest hits. Won’t you join me?

Remember, it’s aka, not a.k.a.

(Thanks, Trite, for the Amazon tag link.)
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  1. I simply can’t understand why she gave up on such a prize.

  2. It seems to me that Vogon poetry is fat too high of praise for K-Fed, as it implies that his “poetry” is only the third worst in the Universe while we all know it is far worse.

  3. Ha! Excellent point. I’d rather listen to Vogon poetry if only for the novelty value.

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