7-minute Space Ghost

space-ghost-coast Thinking about Adult Swim got me in the mood to check out some eps of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast from back before the concept had been pummeled into sun-warmed aspic.** I took a look on the YouTube, where (thanks, Cartoon Network legal dept!) episodes of Coast to Coast are outnumbered by clips of the original, 1966 Space Ghost.

They’re each about 7 minutes, a good length for a work break. Three gems:

The Ovens of Moltar
The first episode ever. Moltar wears go-go boots and orates while perched on a little ottoman. Jan and Jace kick off a long career of haplessness.
QUOTE: Jace: “Whatever that is, I don’t like it!”

The Gargoyloids
Includes the very first shot of the crunchy-looking planetoid used in SG: Coast to Coast’s opening credits.
QUOTE: Space Ghost: “That’s our unidentified objective.”
ANOTHER QUOTE: Jan: “Maybe that’ll teach you not to touch everything you see!”

zorakThe Challenge
The first Zorak ep (?). Zorak has a sidekick whose voice actor isn’t nearly as awesome. Space Ghost poses like a ballet dancer, showing off his tiny tiny feet, and thrusts his pelvis while held in Titanor’s locking ray.
QUOTE: There are no good quotes in this episode.

**Checkitout — I worked in a reference to aspic! It’s really very tasty.