Welcome to FanDumb!

This is FanDumb, a blog I wrote from 2006-2008. I poked fun at all different kinds of fandom and geek culture, such as science fiction, fantasy, comics and anime.

I’ve cut a lot of posts and tidied up the rest, leaving a collection of some of FanDumb’s “greatest hits.” These posts have held up reasonably well over time and serve as a pretty good sample of the blog’s contents. You’ll find…

GAMES, like the “Buck Rogers Space Gun Challenge”…  


GLIMPSES of the stranger corners of fandom, like “Hellraiser/Star Trek: Weirdest Crossover Ever?” and a look at fans’ fondness for the band Linkin Park…


ROUNDUPS of contrarian fan commentary, like “Rowling Sucks! An Antidote to Mass Hysteria” and “Stargate Wasn’t All That.”


You can also check out the most controversial (and popular) series of posts in FanDumb’s history, which questioned the value of fantasy novels. The first of these was “Don’t Talk To Me About Reading, Or, Cranky Much?”


Other favorite moments of mine were talking to Jesus about Battlestar Galactica, comparing fan culture to Project Runway and discovering a connection between Vladimir Putin and H.P. Lovecraft’s octopus monster, Cthulu.


You can also scroll through the posts in the usual reverse order, of course. Happy reading!

-Etelka Lehoczky


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