About FanDumb

FanDumb is a blog about fan culture (sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comics) and its absurdities. For more see my 2013 wrap-up post, “Welcome to FanDumb!”


  1. Have a nice day !

  2. I was just blogging my name today, trying to see how easy it is to find info on my Novel and such . . . and I found this! How cool to see that my name is one of the gothiest! LOL!

    Although I don’t get to write much fanfiction anymore these days, I do enjoy reading it still. It’s been months since I was able to write on it. (sigh) Still, it’s nice to be remembered!

    Awesome site! (by the way)


  3. Oh my God, what a riot! I had wondered whether any of the people on the list would find the post. I’m glad you liked it.

  4. It was cool… Boosted my ego! I mean, Hell, I chose the name LONG before Brad and Angelina swiped it! LOL Just kidding!

    I’ll be watching this site. I think it’s pretty wild!


  5. Are you hot? somehow i don’t think so. And i already know you’ll lie or more likely try to come up with some clever retort to dodge the question but i get a kick knowing that you’ll have no choice but to stop for a moment and think about how disgusting you are after reading this.

  6. Wow! That comment is really interesting. Why am I supposed to be disgusting? Is it because of some feminist thing I said, or the cartoon boobs thing or something?

    Anyway, I am a little hot. But not for you! HAHAHAHA!!

  7. lol- when I first came across your site, I thought the name was F an Dumb as in f’in dumb. Either way, great blog! Keep up the bitter, sarcastic and jaded work!

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