An undifferentiated ‘Dawn State,’ blah blah blah.

I couldn’t find a good summary of the “undifferentiated” thing mentioned in this post, but my understanding (based on a completely slapdash grasp of psychoanalysis) is this: It’s when you’re at one with Mom in the womb, just kind of floating happily with no sense of “self” as yet. During that time you don’t perceive any distinction between you and her, thus the term “undifferentiated.” You’re warm, you’re safe, and all your needs are met before you even become aware of them. It’s the perfect existence that every person subconsciously yearns to get back to. Some people (Jung? Campbell? Ummm…. maybe?) theorize that the “flight from Eden” myths that crop up in many cultures reflect the trauma of leaving this blissful state and getting born into the harsh world.

When Neumann talks about the “pre-ego dawn state” he’s talking about this selfless, happy, floating time. I’m pretty sure. I don’t actually know what “dawn” has to do with it. He may have some additional idea in mind there, but I don’t feel like looking it up. Same diff, really, in terms of understanding Snarry slash and comic book collecting and Rush and other examples of thumbsucking behavior in fandom.

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